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Here’s How I Got This Amazing Website Deal That Lit Up My Business Sales

I started my small business last year without a website.

I knew I needed one alright, but my business just couldn’t take on that expense then.

Sadly, I was losing potential customers and was afraid that my business would go south.

Fortunately, a few months ago, I had a breakthrough with these guys.

I couldn’t believe I could get my business website developed, at zero upfront payment!

All I needed was to pay $20/month for web hosting server and maintenance.

How cool is that?

Pre-Engineering Design and Detailing- High Quality Metal Building For A Variety Of Purposes

As a world renowned and established Pre-Engineering Design and Detailing company, Prime Services has earned its stripes in the design and fabrication of custom-engineered, high-quality metal buildings for a variety of functions.

Leading the industry for over 20 years, Prime Services has served her esteemed clients with top-notch expertise, exceptional value and quality service. Our team of experienced professionals are fully committed to delivering the right solutions you need, with strict considerations for timeliness.

About Me

Growing up,  I was always fascinated by advertising.

You would always find me reciting the words of an ad over and over again. And if the ad jingle was a song, I was sold. You would always catch me singing out loud. I was intrigued by the creative way the words came together.

As with some people, despite my childhood interest, I went on to other careers. Some time ago, I discovered copywriting, and it was love all over again.

I am particularly intrigued at how I can creatively use words to pique people's interest and change their lives.

I find it even more fulfilling when I help my clients delight their customers and drive more sales.

Having learnt about Consumer Psychology and being in business myself, I understand the needs of consumers and brands and how to leverage them.

My Services

As a Direct Response Copywriter, I help brands create value-driven content so that they can get more traffic and make more money.

Do you know how I do this? Here is what I help businesses with:

• Sales Letters
• Sales Pages
• Website Copy/Content
• Landing Pages
• Product Descriptions
• Facebook Ad Copy
• SEO Copywriting
• Content Writing
• Blog Posts
• Email Copy/Marketing
• Video Scripts
• UX Writing

So if result-oriented content that meets business goals is what you have in mind, then send me a message right away at theprettywordsmith@gmail.com.

Let's make magic happen to your brand! Hit me a message.

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Email: theprettywordsmith@gmail.com

Thanks for reaching out!

I am excited to get back to you soon.

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